About Ayush Ranka Photography


I am an independent photographer based out of India, with over 15 years of photographic experience.

Technology, Lifestyle, Urbanization, Human Rights, Art & Culture are topics I like to work with. 

I try to keep a humanistic view of the world around me when I capture those fleeting moments with my little black box while at the same time to also make an effort to involve the viewer and invite them to raise questions of their own and seek their own answers from what they see. It is a fine line between the conscious and the subliminal mind that makes us aware, emotional, ignorant at the mysteries of this universe. It is a game between the unending search and the moment of truth which is at the heart of my images. Can it be just pure co-incidence that any of us witness anything in life or are there little dots that can be connected and patterns drawn from our vast and mostly unrelated experiences of the world around us? Patterns that might help us identify our role as part of a grand design. Why do things happen as they do and when they do? Who am I? Why am I here? But sometimes, it is none of that. Sometimes, it is just the moment and me and nothing else. This is the journey through my photographs that I wish to share.

Whether I am shooting a trans-gender festival in rural Tamil Nadu in the peak of summer; taking portraits of leading corporate personalities in the comfort of their office; or shooting products in a studio environment, my skills make me highly adaptable and flexible to a diverse set of challenges. This is based on a solid foundation of the fundamentals of photography backed by years of experience and collaborating with various people on a variety of projects. Being accepted by Getty Images in 2013 as part of their roster of freelancers the world over, is just another result of this dedication to the craft, having been published and worked for international publications such as The New York Times, Financial Times, and Harvard Business Review.   

1.  The New York Times
GQ (India)
Harvard Business Review

My commercial clients include IISc (Bangalore), Rakuten (Japan), HSBC, Yamaha, Volvo, Nestle, UVEX (Germany), Snecma-HAL, SAFRAN (France), IISc, JNCASR and Azim Premji Foundation, among others. I love to take up challenging projects whether it's a commercial assignment or work of an editorial and photo-journalistic nature. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in working with a person with strong work ethics, a no compromise attitude and a friendly personality.